Guillaume Faguet

Producer, Game & Narrative Designer

Patcher – Unity VR



Patcher is a musical-VR game where the player use a synth and a laser gun to defend himself against waves of creepy vaporwave statues.

The synth features several buttons the player can use to change the properties his gun.



During Patcher, I was Project Manager and Sound Designer most of the time. I also helped the Game Design team when they needed it.


Benjamin Blanchard : Technical Art, 3D Art, Programming

Stéphane de Bank : Game Design, Level Design

Antoine Lechevallier : Technical Game Design

Thibaut Monnet : Concept Owner, Lead Programming, Sound Design

Guillaume Faguet : Project Management, Game Design, Sound Design


Additional Team :

Matthieu Girard : Gun Artist

Thomas Lean : Music

Amélie Rivière : 2D Art Icons

Victor Descamps : VFX










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