My Work

I was the Producer of the project. I also was part of the team who created the music, and worked with the Game Design team. The main challenge was to find enough time to work on the project, because we had to develop it in our free time. I tried to optimize the team’s workflow, by making the interactions between the Design and the Tech Teams as good as possible.


Patcher is a VR wave shooter. You have to use a synthesizer to customize your weapon and defend yourself from the enemies. Combine modules to add unique skills to your weapon and tweaks them to fine tune the output of your gun and maximize your damage. The music you produce with your gun is linked to your settings, and ennemies spawn in rythm to create a musical shooting experience.

Genre : Wave Shooter / Music Game
Platform : PC / HTC Vive
Player : Solo


Benjamin Blanchard : Technical Artist, 3D Artist, Programmer
Thibault Monnet : Programmer, Original Idea, Musician
Stéphane de Bank : Game Designer, Level Designer
Antoine Lechevallier : Technical Game Designer
Guillaume Faguet : Producer, Musician & Sound Designer