My Work

I was an intern at Realcast: a Ubisoft-partner Startup. The company develops Augmented Reality Hololens apps. I worked here as an Assistant Producer & Game Designer, I also did a lot of QA Testing to support the dev team. I worked here for 3 months during Summer 2018, in a team of 7 persons.


“Chamarande à travers les âges” is a interactive experience developped for the Chamarande Domaine, Essonne, France. I worked on the project management, the writing of the dialogues, and the game design of the game. It was a great way to learn about project involving a lot of persons outside of the company.

Genre : Serious Game / Puzzle
Platform : HoloLens
Player : 1-3 players


Realcast Team :

Nino Sapina
Diego Fernandez-Bravo
Agathe Turlotte
Tom Krikorian
Grégoire Buffet
Thomas Inard Chavin
Raoul Desmarest

Sound Design :
Nicolas Bredin

& Chamarande Team