Paul-Emile BoucherArt Director @Sloclap

Guillaume was our main Narrative Designer on Sifu and worked on story, cutscenes, dialogs and recordings. It was a blast working with him - he's a very open-minded and curious person, always trying to give its best. He was very invested in the project, and always available to everyone on the art team for narrative inquiries. I'm pretty certain he'll do great things in the industry, and I'm looking forward to working with him in the future !

Lucas RousselotLead Sound Designer @Sloclap

As a narrative designer, Guillaume primarily focused on the dialogs of Sifu and the preparation of the recording session: character background stories, characterization, and pages of dialog lines. Moreover, he proved to be a valuable asset during the recording itself by providing smart directions and contexts to the actors. In the end, he is an adaptable professional with plenty of resources. I look forward to working with him again.

Frédéric MauxionAssociate Producer @Ubisoft

I was genuinely pleased to work with Guillaume on Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Our collaboration lasted only six months, but I discovered a very intelligent individual with a lot of potential (and also a skilled player). He supported me during the final stages of the Raid's production and provided substantial assistance during this challenging phase of the project. Guillaume possesses excellent skills in all the essential tools for production and documentation, including video, Photoshop, and Jira. He also executed all his missions effectively. I would be delighted to work with Guillaume again on another project.