I worked on SIFU as the Narrative Designer of the project for almost two years. I collaborated closely with Jordan Layani, the Creative Director and Lead Designer. My main focuses during the production were:

  • Cutscenes:

    • Writing scripts (actions and dialogues).
    • Iterating with the storyboarder to create a non-animated version of the cutscene.
    • Validating and iterating on the storyboard with the lead creative team.
    • Following the cutscene production to make sure it follows the narrative we wanted the cutscene to serve.
  • Barks

    • Defining with the game design team when and how NPC’s emit ‘barks’ (short random sentences used for feedback and immersion).
    • Creating with the writer the content of the barks.
    • Following the barks’ integration and making sure they are never out of touch with the different levels’ tones.
  • Worldbuilding and Dialogues

    • Writing detailed backstory for each level in the game.
    • Writing the level’s playthrough in script format.
    • Iterating with the creative director and implementing early versions with the level designers.
    • Integrating the dialogues inside the game.
    • Iterating with the designers to enhance the fighting and dialogues situations as much as possible.
    • Following the level art team’s work and making sure it follows the story defined for each level.
  • Recordings

    • Assisting the voice director during all recordings (with the Creative Director and Lead Sound Designer)
    • Making sure all context is given to the actors to deliver the best voice lines possibles.
    • Orientate the recordings towards the overall tone of the game and characters.
  • Character backgrounds

    • Writing detailed backgrounds and timelines for each character.
    • Maintaining these documents updated during all the game’s production.
  • Narrative coherence

    • Be vigilant on all aspects of the game for anything that could create plot holes or give false narrative information to the player.
    • Playing the game a lot and using the player’s perspective to understand how the story is perceived.

“Sifu is a Kung Fu story of revenge and redemption. Featuring the gripping intensity of classic Kung Fu films with realistic and raw combat, Sifu tells the story of a young student who has spent their life training for a day of reckoning after the brutal murder of their entire family by a mysterious assassination squad.”

Sifu releases in February 2022

Genre: Beat’em up
Platform: PC / PS5 / PS4


My main coworkers were :

  • Jordan Layani – Creative Director
  • Paul-Emile Boucher – Art Director
  • Edward Sananikone – Producer
  • Arielle Grosjean – Associate Producer
  • Chloé Breillat – Storyboarder Cinematic Artist
  • Barry Keating – Writer (Outsource)
  • Gauthier Brunet – Game Designer
  • Rémi Gallet – Level Designer
  • Marc Bonte – Level Designer
  • Romain Tréssarieu – Level Designer