My Work

I worked on Nothing In Sight as the Producer of the project. We worked on the projects with a team of seven persons and several external workers. We started the project in April 2018, for the first early stages to the Final Jury on June 2019. My tasks during the projects were :

  • Managin the team’s workflow and the project pipeline
  • Issues & Bugs tracking and resolution tracking
  • Defining the weekly milestone goals with the leads
  • Doing historical researches and creating reference documents
  • Writing the characters and their in-game narrative content
  • Challenging the Game Designer’s systems and ideas
  • Helping the programers with integration and prototyping

Ypres, 1915. World War One is raging in Europe. Four french soldiers have just arrived in Ypres, Belgium. As their leader, you will learn to know them, as they go through tragic events, in an ever-crumbling trench.

Nothing in Sight is my graduating project in Rubika Supinfogame.

Genre : Narrative/Management
Platform : PC
Player : Solo


Special thanks to Christophe Lie Gosset (Concepts & Portraits), Hector Bonte(Music), Boris Dauvergne (3D Art), Etienne Vantorre, Rémy Fontan & Loup Druet (Writing)

Team members

Thibault Moitel

Lead Tech. Artist

Lucas Devillers

Tech. Game Designer

Eric Escher


Félix Pinchon


Aditya Joy

3D Artist